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Are you facing a challenging PR project?

I can help.

Running a business is the dream of many. You have probably visited my website because you share this dream. If so, I already know a little bit about you.

You may be the owner of a small company, hold a management position in an organization, or work as an independent consultant. You care deeply about your life’s work. Whether technical or helping in nature, your profession offers a kind of personal fulfillment that transcends economic livelihood. To get where you are, you’ve made substantial sacrifices. You’re committed to success.

Most likely, you are visiting this site because you would like to improve the marketing communications function of your enterprise or institution. The promotional message needs restructuring, the website could use an overhaul, or you may be ready to announce a new offering in your marketplace. You are seeking the specialized expertise of a skilled and dedicated consultant.

Effective marketing communications programs increase consumer learning. As a marcom consultant, I keep this goal clearly in mind as I accomplish projects that promote a company’s products and services. I work closely with my clients to understand their markets and customers before I even attempt to compose compelling copy, create appealing graphics, or construct clean lines of HTML code.

My versatility is reflected in my background and the projects I have completed. From high-tech to high-touch, I have worked with a diverse array of people and enterprises, in varying capacities. I can help your organization, too.

Kimberly A. Haymans-Geisler
Communications Consultant

(Please, call me “Kim.”)

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