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[Lake graphic]

Design a series of three stamps; include multiple images on each stamp.
[Art Stamp: N.C. Wyeth]

American Illustrators Series
Stamp 1: N.C. Wyeth

[Art Stamp: Maxfield Parrish]

American Illustrators Series
Stamp 2: Maxfield Parrish

[Art Stamp: Norman Rockwell]

American Illustrators Series
Stamp 3: Norman Rockwell

Illustrate the theme of time using different layering effects.

[Time graphic]

Create a composite image from two different photographs.

[Before (original photo)]

Before (original photo): I love my Grandpa!

[Composite image]

After (composite image)

Illustrate a favorite poem. (Click on the thumbnail image below to view the full-resolution graphic.)

[Daffodil graphic; enlarged version will open in a separate window]

Daffodils by William Wordsworth

Design a logo with text moving along a circular path.

[Logo: Version 1]
Logo: Version 1
[Logo: Version 2]
Logo: Version 2

Create a solar system.


Colorize an original line drawing using Adobe Photoshop.

[Drawing of Elton John]

Create a design including every typographic element on a packaging label; use only the Helvetica font.

[Peppermint Patty label]

Step 1: Typographic design

Using gouache, create an abstract painting based upon the typographic design.

[Abstract painting of Peppermint Patty label]

Step 2: Abstract painting

Design an introductory screen for an educational CD-ROM about chaos theory; use the word “chaos,” painted by hand, as a background.

[Chaos graphic]

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